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German football star Mesut Ozil has paid for the surgeries of 23 Brazillian children to show thanks for their World Cup hospitality. Ozil had orginally pledged to pay for 11 surgeries before increasing his pledge to 23.

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❝James McAvoy said he kept in mind while portraying Xavier in X-Men: First Class that Xavier is a well-meaning, but ultimately misguided liberal, as he still has tons of societal advantages given that he’s white, heterosexual, male, and extremely wealthy. He certainly doesn’t have to put up with the same bigotry many mutants face (hell, the same bigotry many real world minorities still face), which causes his message of peace to ring false to many.❞

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James McAvoy - Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 (x)


Real men stand with Palestine against occupation, aggression, and murder. Thank you Mr. Ronaldo

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers, and protect each other like siblings, then you were meant to be.

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seeing your crush like 

Professor - To all the student. If you see a man in a cape, do not be afraid. He’s just overly emotional. Also tell him to remove said cape because it tracks mud onto the carpets.

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